What does "resilience" mean? Why Does it Matter?

"Resilience is the capacity to withstand stress and catastrophe. Psychologists have long recognized the capabilities of humans to adapt and overcome risk and adversity. Individuals and communities are able to rebuild their lives even after devastating tragedies."
- PBS, This Emotional Life

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Can a person become more resilient?

Yes! And the Building a Resilient Missoula project is about just that: learning to be more resilient both as individuals and as a community. The workshops, presentations, and other activities that will be offered during Community Resilience Week will help parents, other caregivers, professionals, children, and youth boost their own resiliency and that of others in their lives.


How can someone become more resilient?

You can start by participating in Community Resilience Week!

The events offered during the week will integrate and strengthen many of the factors and skills that contribute to resiliency, such as:

•  Building relationships with others
•  Developing a more positive view of yourself and how resilient you are
•  Recognizing and growing confidence in your strengths and abilities
•  Improving your skills to manage strong feelings and impulses
•  Honing your problem-solving and communication skills
•  Practicing strategies to help you feel more in control
•  Being comfortable and capable of seeking resources when you need them
•  Coping with stress in healthy ways
•  Gaining skills for helping others
•  Finding positive meaning and value in your life despite difficult or traumatic events

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Building a Resilient Missoula

Building a Resilient Missoula